Asylum Research is committed to providing the best possible service and support for our MFP-3D™ and Cypher™ instrumentation. It is our goal to provide the best products, support and service, and the lowest cost of ownership of any AFM company. We strive to support our customers on a personal level with the fastest support and service turnaround in our industry. Our objective is to have satisfied, well-trained, and successful customers to further today’s advancing technologies.

Maintenance, Calibration and Training
Asylum Research’s instruments are designed to have as little maintenance as possible. Aside from consumables such as cantilevers/probes, gold slides, gratings, and imaging samples/substrates there is little required from the user to maintain the operation of your MFP-3D or Cypher AFM system.

These systems are shipped with a calibration grating so that users can ensure correct calibration. Every Asylum System is installed by a trained AFM scientist who will explain in full detail the proper use and care of the instrument. During the training period, the Asylum Research installer will also discuss and demonstrate all areas of operation of the instrument for optimal performance.

Choosing an Installation Site
To maximize the performance of the instrument, Asylum Research will send out a site survey kit that includes an accelerometer and sound meter. This ensures that the lowest noise environment and optimal location can be found for the installation of our equipment. This free service is currently offered by no other AFM manufacturer.

Exclusive Six Month Money-Back Guarantee
Asylum Research is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most advanced instrumentation for exploring the nanoworld. We guarantee your success and that you will be satisfied with our products. If for any reason you are not satisfied within the first six months of ownership, we will refund your money – no questions asked.

Exclusive Two Year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty
A two year warranty is included free of charge with all MFP-3D Systems. This warranty covers all parts and labor, including shipping and any required travel expenses, for problems occurring due to normal usage.

Customer Support
We offer the following venues for customer support:

Customer Support Site
You can find:

  • Downloads for the latest software and documentation
  • FAQ articles written by the Asylum Research technical staff
  • Forums where you can communicate (or listen in) with other Asylum Research instrument users.
  • Contact information on how to call or e-mail us.

Phone Support 

Email Support 
The majority of our instrument support is handled through our email support. Because we are a small company, many times your questions are being answered directly by the person who designed that component, or even the president. Our goal is to answer your support questions within hours of receipt, with no more than a 24 hour period of getting you the answers you need. In addition, we also provide technical support for our software – from basic how-to questions to help in writing custom control and analysis software. For more information, see the software links to the left.


With over 1,300 registered participants this customer forum is ideal for users to exchange ideas, recommendations, and application information.

Our technical staff of scientists and engineers are here to help you get the most out of your instrument. In many cases, the person that is assisting you with technical questions has actually designed components on the instruments. We pride ourselves on answering technical questions from our support mailbox within eight working hours of receipt.

The Asylum Research User Forum is designed to facilitate communication and exchange information on technical issues and application information for Asylum Research products. Forum topics include:

  • Hardware updates
  • Software updates
  • Discussions on hardware and software; techniques and applications
  • Manuals and documentation
  • Job postings
  • Image gallery for sharing images

Typically, both the remote user and support team initially confer with a telephone call, then access their password-protected account through their web browser to make the connection. Once the connection has been made, remote system operation can be viewed on the host computer. Support scientists can easily talk customers through operation of their AFM system, or actually control their system to assist the user. This service is offered free of charge to all customers.

Simply click on the link to the left, download software from a secure third party host, then call us up and we will connect to the same secure host. This allows us to see your monitor and even use your mouse and keyboard to help trouble shoot any problems you are having. We may also set up remote training through OnSite.

The Lowest Cost of Ownership of any AFM

  • Superior productivity through system reliability, ease of use and exceptional data quality
  • Exclusive six month guarantee insures your investment
  • Comprehensive two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty
  • Full modularity and upgradability so you are never left behind
  • Full software capabilities for every scanning technique – unlike competitive systems, there are no additional software modules to buy
  • Free software updates and support so you get the latest developments
  • Free OnSight Remote Support so we can view, control and diagnose your AFM over the Internet
  • Free On-Line User Forum for up-to-the minute tips and solutions
  • Regularly scheduled training courses to help you hone your skills
  • The finest applications and technical support anywhere with the fastest response and solution turnaround
    < 8 working hrs. average response time
    < 24 hrs. average solution/diagnosis time
    < 48 hrs. average in-factory repair/replace time with no admin fees